What we want to reach




          IRBIS  Apháia®                                   IRBIS  Apháia®


What we have achieved


IATO confirmed that he is a dog of top world quality. He won nearly all international dog shows he attended. He is EUROPE WINNER (EURODOGSHOW 1999 Tulln in Austria), Club Winner, Slovak Champion, Austrian Champion, Hungary-Austrian Winner, Club Champion , Multichampion, many times CACIB, CAC, CACA, BOB, CAJC, Jugendbester, Best Male, Best Junior

IRBIS  Apháia® -  EUROPE WINNER Junior,  BOB Junior at the EURODOGSHOW 2003 Bratislava and Junior Champion.

CHIARA Apháia® - Slovak Champion, EUROPE WINNER on EURODOGSHOW in Bratislava 2003, many-times CACIB, CAC, CAJC, BOB

AMIEN Blanc - INTERCHAMPION, EUROPE WINNER Junior on EURODOGSHOW Barcelona 2004, Middle-East EUROPE Winner 2004, Austria-Hungary Winner 2004, Junior Champion, BUNDESSIEGER, BOB, CACIB, Res. CACIB, CAC, CACA, CAJC.

FIONA Apháia® - Club Winner, CAC and Best Female 

BIRD LADY - Slovak Champion and together with Andra won a lot of international Dog Shows

ANRY Apháia® became Interchampion

BIBI Blanc - Middle-East EUROPE Winner Junior 2004, BOB, BUNDESJUGENDSIEGER, CAJC, Jugendbester.

Chovate¾ská stanica Apháia® - Interchampion, many-times CACIB, CAC, BOB

ORESTES Apháia® (Via)- WORLD WINNER JUNIOR 2006, BIS,  Jugendsieger, Junior Champion, CACIB, CAC, CAJC, BOB many times.

OIDIPUS Apháia® (Noah)- Junior Champion, Bundesjugendsieger, CACIB, CAC, CAJC, BOB many times.




BIBI BLANC                                                      AMIEN BLANC


Dog show awards of kennel Apháia®


What we want to achieve in our breeding



FIONA Apháia®                                    KALISTO Apháia®                               KAILA Apháia®


Bichon Bolognese we like:


-         not too big, size of male 25-27 cm and size of female 24-26 cm (height in cm is given to every dog )

-    weight min. 2,5 kg and max. 5 kg (weight in kg is given to every dog )

-         square body construction, not too long

-         strong and compact body, level back / not incurved/

-         rich long coat in flocks and not only on body, but on the head and legs as well

-         white coat

(Note: Puppies with good pigmentations could have champagne patches. The adult dog must have the appearance of white dog).

-         coat approx. 10 cm long (a lot of small ripples); the coat can not be only wavy;

(Note: Care of coat is not difficult, but it is necessary to be brushed once a week. Show coat must be min. 10 cm long)

-         dark pigmentation of nose. Eyes and jaws are black framed without interruption. levers and flints are dark if possible.

-         dark eyes (dark skin around the eyes underline eyes expression)  

-          scissor bite

        (Note: Pincer bite is tolerated).

-         short muzzle

-         tail carried curved over the back

-         correct movement (not convergent or divergent) correct angulations of limbs

-         perfect presentation on the dog shows

-         happy, very inteligent, merry, familiar and friendly member of family

-         not shy or aggressive

-    having baby expression and in general it looks like a toy



The main target of kennel Apháia® is breeding of the show quality dogs with a big potential to win the most of the prestigious international dog shows.


We are trying to breed dogs according to the specified features by transferring all this perfects and character to our future puppies. We would like to avoid the problems with stringent selection. Non standard dogs we are not using in our breeding! In breeding we prefer principle of top quality of both parents and we are strictly selecting and differentiating quality of the puppies.


Almost in every litter we have dog show quality puppies. Some of them confirmed it on the international dog shows.


We are giving a big attention to the character of dogs. Our effort is self-sufficient happy Bolognese, which is enjoying the life and its optimism is transferred to all his surrounding.


Today’s potential of our future litters is very promising, because we would like to use various males and females of different blood lines in our breeding.


We are looking forward to our future litters and puppies!


All the best and a lot of breeding successes for all Bolognese fans wishes